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About Delmi

Edith del Mar Behr MD FACS, also known as “Delmi” to her friends is a general surgeon in private practice over 20 years. In 1996 she found a way to live stress free and has been teaching others how to do this in every aspect of her life. Private Coaching, Seminars and Clinics and now through her books and online courses are also part of her teaching program.

In the beginning Stress Free Living was about health and joy in the moment but she found as a benefit that all aspects of life improve when living without stress including body image and finances as well as enhanced and wonderful relationships.

“Well I am writing this so this is the way I see myself…not always so, but now down to the core of my being I know this of myself and of you. I am a magnificent, unlimited, spectacular and eternal being. Right now I am beautiful, fun, funny, sexy, successful, and haven’t had a bad day since 1996. People say I light up a room and inspire them, bring them a comforting sense of peace and find a way to help them remember the truth about who they really are.

In this time-space reality, I made that realization for myself in 1996. At that time I had arrived, well it seemed I had arrived, but I felt like I was on a never-ending hamster wheel of life, emotions, and stress. I was fairly disillusioned with myself, others, relationships, and the crazy messed up world I saw through those eyes and my habit of thoughts and beliefs. I am still a general surgeon, with one foot in the world of traditional medicine and the other foot in the world of what really heals a person and that is a whole other story and what this website is about. Through my own search for a better way, I found a path through alternative medicine and various spiritual traditions to find my own brand of awakening which continues to grow and expand and reach higher levels. I have written a couple of books; The Teflon Self and Time is of the Essence and have done seminars, coaching, and corporate programs on how to live life with joy, love, and abundance. No stress or struggle required…lol…but more importantly I live it myself and can teach anyone who is ready for a great life in love, health, beauty, relationships, and business how to live it as well.

Yes, I am full of myself, and for a good reason and that is simply because I exist. Therefore I know that of you as well for you exist. My greatest joy, except for maybe that which is inappropriate to discuss here…lol, is to watch someone find out who they really are and become all that they want to be easily and live the life of their dreams.”

Let’s get started.

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