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  • CourtneyBest book !

    Best book ! My favorite book. I have bought a few for friends. I believe everyone should read this book. Everyone could use the information in this. I plan on buying more for friends and family.

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  • I was actually a patient of Dr. Behr. I often wondered why she was so upbeat, happy, and so down to earth? Well, I read her book and now know her secret! You too will find your inner peace, stop stressing, and just be happy! Stop letting people suck the life out of you and LIVE!!! Thank you Dr. Edith del Mar Behr and look forward to reading another book of yours.

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  • This book Is so inspiring. Reading it is like a ray of sunshine going straight to your soul. A true guide to live happily. Similar to Dr Wayne Dyer but better! It is a guide to truly improving your life!

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  • This is her second book, she is a great person and I know her personally. She truly lives what she writes about.

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  • C. KayeOne of the best books I've read this year

    I know from experience that what I think about deeply comes to pass and yet I still have trouble many times remembering this and overcoming negative thinking. This book has reminded me of the truth. That thoughts and attitude create your life and affect those around you. Love this book. Thank you to the author for writing it.

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  • This book is very inspirational. A great book to read! you become very motivated and it makes you feel that you can succeed.

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