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There is a way to live stress-free. It requires nothing more than to remember who you are. You are a magnificent, amazing, unlimited, and eternal being, unconditionally loved by all that exists. You have forgotten temporarily but now you can feel within you that you want to believe this to be true.

What gets in your way is that your life up to this point does not reflect this truth and you have no experience with anyone who lives this way. It would be a huge leap of faith for you to just accept this as truth. Logically, though, if you even entertain that you create your own reality you can see how this would be true if you were creating without knowledge of this truth.

There is no way to disprove the theory that you create your own reality so you may as well consider it and just change your habit of thinking. When you consistently change your thoughts you will then get the personal proof that you need to know this is true.

When you know this is true then you will also know that you are loved beyond human comprehension and that you and everyone else were meant to have, be and experience all that you dreamed of and more. In this frame of mind, there is no stress and life is a moment-to-moment blessing.

Changing how and what you think on a moment-to-moment basis is the trick or method. It is simple to do but like all habits require just some attention to change. Your feelings are a guide to whether you are changing your thoughts appropriately for the benefit of you and all that is. When you are feeling great then everyone benefits not just you.

Be patient with yourself as you change how and what you think. The only way to know if you are changing your thoughts in a way that will make your life better is that you will feel better when you think the thought. If it doesn’t feel better then try again.

I found the resources on this website most helpful In addition, finding guided imagery audio and self-hypnosis audio was also helpful, my favorites being by Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones. My book “The Teflon Self” found on chronicles how I personally did it. No two people take the same path but all people can easily journey from wherever they are to wherever they want to be, easily.

There is no limit to what you are able to experience in your life if you are willing to open your mind to the possibilities. My world has been transformed and all stress eliminated by just changing my way of thinking without effort or difficulty or expense. You can get to a place where whatever you desire, at the moment you desire it, becomes your reality whenever you decide it should be. So what, who, when, and where are yours to decide for whatever your why is…hmmmm Why wait?

Living life with stress and discomfort is not the way you intended to live when you powerfully chose to come into this experience. The irony is that living without stress is so much easier than living with it. We have inherited and have been taught so many unnecessary ideas that actually keep us from living the life of our dreams and perpetuate the struggle. Living stress-free is actually as easy as breathing once you unlearn and drop the baggage that weighs you down.

Once you remember who you really are and how you meant to live then you can get to the fun of living it, molding it, expanding it, and living the new “it”. You will find no stress in living your dream life and it will not be difficult or take a long time. Who you really are is a magnificent, spectacular, unlimited, and eternal being with a small part of your focus in this time-space existence. Enjoy it thoroughly.

My first book The Teflon Self: How to Live a Stress-Free Life in a Chaotic World is now available at and can also be purchased in my office in Pottstown, PA.

Let’s get started.

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