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The gift of a mind is a powerful gift, and it can also be a powerful curse. Perspective is defined as a mental view, or prospect, or the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed. A great gift, or damaging curse, of the mind is its ability to choose a perspective.

Most people do not understand that their perspective is arbitrary and completely unique to them. They inherited perspectives early on which is then modified by their interpretation of life events and circumstances. None of this is actually valid. The inherited aspects are passed down by equally blind people including parents, teachers and other authority figures. The personal interpretation is then colored by all of that and the individual’s own personal insecurities.

Let us take an example of a roller coaster ride. You could have a perspective that it is a great fun time, you could find them boring or you could be afraid to ride them. None of these perspectives are right or wrong, they are just a way an individual reacts to this experience and is completely unique to that person. Can someone change this perspective? Of course they can if they choose to.

However, there are many perspectives that are taught as if they are absolute. Depending on the family, religion, culture, education, or society there are some perspectives that seem set in stone. There are none that are set in stone.

Most people believe that stress is a part of life. You may be one of them. The truth is that there is no stress in life whatsoever. There is only your interpretation of the circumstances that creates stress. In every circumstance there is a perspective that will provide peace. That perspective, or view, can be chosen, as all perspectives are chosen. Most perspectives are chosen by default and most become a habitual choice but still a choice.

If people knew how damaging stress is to health, relationships and life circumstances I am confident that default and/or habitual perspectives would be changed. One of the obstacles is that we have been sold a perspective or view for generations that we don’t have a choice.

This insidious perspective of not having a choice then permeates others, and the lie is perpetuated. We think we don’t have a choice about certain perspectives, as in the ones that seem automatic or set in stone. Still there is a choice and any habit can be changed when a new habit is substituted.

First comes awareness that there is choice. Entertaining that perspectives and views can be changed begins the transition. Being inspired to greater joy will lead you to amazing views and perspectives. These will then be substituted for the ones that don’t serve the greater good and the greater good always starts with an individual who is whole.

The result of looking within to assess your views with the idea of creating views and perspectives that are healthy and inspiring is peace, joy and magical living. When I say magical, I truly mean magical. You will know by experience that your habit of thoughts had been creating the events and circumstances of your life. You will see those same events and circumstances change as you change your perspective and view.

The beauty is immediately you will feel relief. In each negative situation as you look within for views and perspectives that may be better for you, you will not feel the negativity as much. You may even start to get excited for a new way of being.

If nothing but feeling better resulted, it would be worth everything. However you will be blown away by the way your health improves, your relationships improve, your circumstances improve, and drama filled dynamics melt away in surprising ways.

You can go from living a stressful and traumatic life to an absolutely stress free and supportive life. I know, as I experienced it first hand and 25 years later, it just keeps getting better.

Delmi Behr aka Edith del Mar Behr MD FACS

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