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Align With The Divine

Align With The Divine

In the age of information overload, misinformation and conflicting information, often we are not sure what to believe or we are overwhelmed. Why even bother, when to gather information seems as if it is such a monumental task requiring researching the research to ensure it is at least a trusted source.

We were taught to look at the data to make informed choices, to weigh the pros and cons, to get multiple estimates for work done, to trust the those who have gone before us or experts, etc.

In a more simple time this might have worked somewhat however the beauty of our now experience makes all of this almost impossible. Why do I say this is the Beauty of now? It forces us to open ourselves to our personal power. When we are aligned with our divine aspect our path lights up. No need for hard work and research and doubt.

It may be the lighted path will lead you to information. You will know the information is right for you as you will feel the resonance. It may be that the lighted path is a decision that draws you without the need for information. Again it will feel easy and resonate with you. It may be in the form of something not working out but in your knowing you expect a better arrangement to come and it does.

I am not saying gathering data, information and the opinion of others is wrong. I am saying that if you seek alignment with your divine aspect first, you will easily be led to all that is perfect for you. Without alignment, most of the time we run around in circles or go through a long and painful process of trial and error.

Trial and error is also not wrong. Sometimes a trial and error is just a stepping stone in disguise but again when you are in alignment there is joy even in that. Of course, you don’t have to do it the joyful and easy way if you don’t want.

How does one get in alignment with the divine aspect of you? The secret is so powerful and simple, it will astound you. Most of our lives it has been conditioned out of us. Why this is the case is a mystery to me but we will leave the unsolved mystery discussion for another time.

The secret is to use your amazing mind to find ways to feel good, satisfied and at peace. The ways to do that are many. Find reasons to love life, people and circumstances. Find aspects to appreciate in your every now moment. Play with desires and fantasies without being attached to whether they happen, how they will happen or when.

I understand that your habit of thinking is mired in the opposite. Always looking for the danger, feeling as if you would be irresponsible if you ignore negative issues, danger or wrong doing. Protecting yourself and/or others from this “dangerous” world. It is purely a habit and a habit worth breaking. It is a habit that can easily be broken if you want to live a glorious existence.

The irony is, when you change the habit of your thinking and let go of the attention on what is wrong that needs to be fixed, the problem gets fixed easily. Now I am not asking you to believe me, however I will say that if you just give it a try, the proof will be in your experience and you will know what I say is true.

I am not saying ignore every part of your life you don’t like or don’t want to deal with. Actually I am saying that…lol. However, until you can actually do that it won’t be your experience. It is a creation of the mind. You can’t ignore a problem in the physical world if its very active in your mind. In other words, you are still giving it powerful attention so you might as well deal with it. In the meantime begin to break the habit of focusing on whats wrong. Break the habit of trying to figure out why it went wrong. Break the habit of giving your creative attention away to thoughts that will only create more problems to solve.

Another way to align is to break open your box of wildest dreams and desires and play as if you have them. Walk as if its true. Make plans in your mind as if you are already experiencing your grandest version of life. Just do it playfully like you are an actor playing a part. No attachment, just for the pure joy of the experience. Allow it to seep into as many activities and moments of your life.

Of course, don’t do it if it’s a struggle or makes you feel worse or guilty. That is why I say just play with it for the sheer joy of the playing. Pretend to be gorgeous or skinny or tall or whatever. Pretend to have a beach house with servants that await you when your trip is done. Pretend you are driving the car that you desire. Pretend to send millions to the charity you want to help. Pretend to retire your entire family. Pretend to give $1,000 dollar tips to your wait staff. Pretend the book is done and you are going to your book signing. Pretend your personal assistant is taking care of all the details you have no interest in. Pretend and feel how good it is. I think that is why the bible says we are to be like children. Play, play, play with life and watch how quickly things get better.

You are still going to do life, the way you are…at least for a time, but doing this when you can, simply in your mind will keep you in alignment as it will feel great and fun and lovely. Often you can’t stop negative thoughts by trying to stop negative thoughts but you can give your attention to great thoughts instead.

Now if you have wanted something for a long time and it depresses you or bothers you that it hasn’t become your reality, that would probably not be the thing to play with. Unless of course, it gives you pleasure to think about. If it doesn’t then play with something you aren’t attached to that you still find desirable. You will know when you get it right because it will be fun.

You don’t have to tell anyone, just feel it and think it. They will see you differently, notice your energy and respond appropriately even if that means to avoid you…lol Most of the time people are very attracted to feel good kinds of people. When you are in that state, you radiate love and appreciation and most are starved for that energy. You wind up becoming a limitless supply for yourself and anyone who is around you.

Since you’re a limitless supply, have no fear that you will attract vampires as you will have no need to play games with anyone that isn’t uplifting. They will sort themselves out without you even having to have a serious conversation or set “boundaries”. Your boundaries will be unnecessary as you only draw to you what you want.

It goes the same for the information, the data, the decision making…all of life really. It is so much easier in every aspect of life when you get in alignment.

Have a phenomenal experience, magnificent one!
Delmi Behr aka Edith del Mar Behr MD FACS

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