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The Mind is a Tool

What is mind mastery? Simply put, it is choosing the thoughts you think instead of letting your mind and external influences give you thoughts to think. Seems simple yet most are in the habit of allowing their thoughts to go wherever the situation or feeling takes them. It is truly a habit worth breaking.

The funny thing is that most of our “feelings” are a result of chronic habitual thoughts and beliefs we gathered in life. The feelings seem to just happen without thought and then the thoughts about them feed the vicious loop. You don’t think about walking and yet you do, forgetting that at some point you had to practice it until it became automatic. Driving is a better example as you developed that habit as an adult.

The point of this analogy is that your feelings are born of a habit of thinking which in turn was born of certain beliefs you have about yourself, others, society etc. Most people do not see their feelings as a choice and also think that they are often caused by their external world. Actually not the case. Your feelings are always a choice albeit a habitual one, and your external world doesn’t make that choice for you but you do.

Why would you want to change any of that? Well for starters, having negative feelings and thoughts whichever comes first in your mind is actually physically harmful. Every time you feel a negative thought your body creates chemicals and hormones that break you down, suppress your immune system and cause aging. On the flip side, when you have a positive feeling or thought, your body does the opposite. It floods you with chemicals and hormones that support your health, immune system and regeneration.

My experience is that the more you make it your dominant intention to be on the positive side of the scale, the better your external world becomes including your body. It has to be authentic though. Pretending to be happy when inside you feel sad, angry, stressed or whatever negative feeling you are having will actually hurt you more.

Your negative emotion is giving you keen insight into beliefs and thoughts that don’t serve you any longer. To change that, you honor the feeling and look within for the belief that allows that choice. In that way most of those old worn out beliefs will see the light of day and just disappear. Of course there will be some that are pretty darn entrenched and will require what I like to call regular weeding…lol

The fun thing is that once you decide it is worth doing every negative emotion will become a treasure of insight and information. It will take the sting out of the drama unfolding and you will see as the observer looking for clues into what makes you tick.

Much of it belongs in the category or feeling unworthy and judgment which are really the same thing. When you understand and own that you are divinely worthy of every heart felt desire, things change. When you understand and own that you are exactly equal to every being that has every lived, is living now or will ever live, things change. Of course to own that you must know that of everyone else even if they are presenting a negative experience to you or themselves.

It doesn’t mean you stay in negative situations or with people that don’t treat you the way you prefer but you don’t judge them, knowing that they must be in pain to act in negative ways. You also don’t judge yourself for having habits that don’t serve you, you just enjoy the discovery and give yourself infinite patience and understanding. Beating up on yourself is not productive and just another form of negative thinking and feeling.

I watched circumstances and behaviors of others change around me, just by practicing this new habit of thinking. Without talking about anything, no verbal communication, no discussing boundaries, no playing the blame game or expecting apologies, every circumstance and relationship improved miraculously. All I did was make it my dominant intention to feel good in every moment, authentically.

It is so worth doing that the length and quality of your life depend on it. The beauty is that you actually live more amazing moments in life without stress, worry, anger, hurt, feeling inadequate or guilt. Without all of those things you become an uplifting and inspiring person, your genius gets to shine, your health improves, finances improve, relationships improve and the world takes on a magical quality that you just have to experience to believe.

Play with this and watch the miracles happen…they will.

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