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Divine Love Is Your Inheritance

There are no words to describe the experience of the color red, the taste of salt, the sound of the ocean, the feel of a feather, or the smell of a flower.  You can use other words that have no concrete reality however you can’t describe them in words that truly convey what the experience is.  The experience of red is an area of the light spectrum that we have decided is red.  The actual experience of red is unique to each one of us.  You can’t know what I actually see as the color red for it is a projection by my brain, one of the inputs to my mind, onto the screen of my mind. 

It is possible that we may all see the color red the same and it is also true that there is no way to tell.  There is no way to tell what our mind projection sees even if someone paints a picture, the picture is also going to be a projection onto the screen of my mind thus your picture becomes subject to my unique interpretation of it.  I still don’t really know what your interpretation is and you don’t know mine. 

What does this have to do with anything practical.  For starters, it may lead you to realize that other people’s opinions are not important to your life.  That is not to say that you don’t consider other opinions nor are they invalid.  It is to say that your opinion is unique and should not be lightly dismissed.  It also shows how 2 different opinions can be valid for two different people, just maybe not for each other.

A great example is what is considered beautiful.  I will just leave that for it requires no explanation. 

Since every single experience in life is unique to each person even though there are collective agreements about the basics for communication and collaboration, we are all still experiencing something different.  This doesn’t even take into account personal beliefs and habits of thinking that influence the interpretation of events and experiences.

Overlay this with the amount of information that is fed to the population, and it is enormous, with no way to research every aspect for validity, you come to a very interesting place.  What exactly is the nature of this existence and how can you actually make sense of it.

As much as it seems to be confusing and possibly overwhelming, it is actually Divinely perfect.  It speaks to how spectacularly unique you were created.  Your interpretation and perspective of life is like no one else.  You are cherished and Divinely loved beyond words to describe. 

Life gets actually quite simple when you develop a relationship with the Divine, for it is the only way to make sense of this thing we call life.  It is the only place we can be sure about the next step.  The relationship has to be real, personal and included in our every moment experience. 

How does one cultivate this relationship?  First, you have to say yes to it.  Unfortunately, we have been sold a lie that following the Divine is difficult and that we are unworthy and must make amends before entering a real relationship with the Divine. 

We have been taught to listen to authority and that others have the answers to our questions.  We have been taught to fear failure as if it was a judgment of our worth instead of learning to navigate life. 

You are loved so deeply and cherished beyond any possible amount a human can cherish you.  When you say yes to that Divine relationship, you lose fear, you lose confusion, you lose judgment, you lose insecurity.  All that is left is unconditional love of self, others and this amazing gift of life. 

It doesn’t mean you stop seeing things you want to change however you focus on solution and love and know there is a perfection in the craziness of the world otherwise it wouldn’t be. 

So to start, just say yes.  Then make it a priority to connect.  Meditation or some form of prayer that quiets the mind are very effective.  I know most people sucked into the illusion of a “busy” life don’t need another “to do” thing on their list so I recommend just focusing on the act of breathing often during the day.  At a red light, waiting in line, during a commercial etc. 

Another really great way to connect is to interpret every aspect of life through the lens of being Divinely connected.  If I were Divinely loved, Unconditionally loved, how would I feel about this.  In fact, would I even notice it. 

I use the analogy of a parent or pet owner pouring love onto their child or pet.  Even when the child or pet makes a mistake, the love is still there.  That love, however strong and beautiful, is nowhere near the Divine Love being poured into you at every moment. 

I also ask you to remember when you fall in love, the whole world seems to disappear and not much seems to bother you as you are fully captivated by loving and being loved.  Well Divine Love is unconditional, never ending and way more powerful.  Tap into it and everything gets better.

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