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All is Truly Well

We are all so trained to plan and prepare and if we haven’t planned or prepared there will be dire uncomfortable circumstances. The only dire and uncomfortable circumstances are the thoughts that we allow because of our worry and guilt. In truth, most of the circumstances and most of our moments could be filled with thoughts that uplift us and are life giving if we so choose.
You are infinitely powerful in your now moment to choose the thought that gives you the greatest pleasure and joy. You will find that if you reclaim that power that circumstances will change to reflect your new “outlook” or rather “inlook”.
It requires absolutely nothing but a change in how you think and what thoughts you choose to think. Up til now you have just allowed your amazing mind to go where others have directed it. You are now aware that this hasn’t served you and by the evidence is not serving many.
Think about how magnificent you are, how amazing it is to live among the beauty that exists in this time space reality, how up to now you have been thriving and most if not all your “worries” have never materialized, how you are unique and the only one that gets to live your life and be you, how exciting it is to dream and plan how to express your brilliant creativity, how many opportunities to love and enjoy people occur in every moment, how easy it is to find something right now to appreciate and enjoy.
Right now in my moment I am inspired to write and loving it, my view is of a gorgeous blue sky sprinkled with fluffy white clouds and the sound of my son laughing in the background is like a heavenly sound to my ears as he plays a game with his cousin on line. There are other things I could think about but that is my choice in this now and it is amazingly pleasurable.

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