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Look Within To Find Heaven

From a very young age, we are misguided and indoctrinated to view the world as happening to us. It is as blatant as victim culture and as subtle as our habits of thoughts and words. How many times have you said, “He made me angry” or “She hurt my feelings” or “what happened to me was out of my control” and the list goes on and on.

The other issue is most are not aware of their “comfort” zone and I don’t mean where you are comfortable physically. I am referring to your set point of experience. Some may find that when personal “drama” subsides it is then that work “drama” escalates or money issues escalate or health issues show up. It’s almost as if one has a gauge that measures the ratio of stress to joy. Since you just accept life as a chance happening and are afraid to actually look within and become conscious, it appears like that.

The idea of personal responsibility is demonized by blame. One can’t possibly blame oneself for what happens especially circumstances that you have been taught are “out of your control”. In addition taking responsibility implies you are “doing” something wrong and just need to change your actions or work harder. It implies that you are unworthy until you clean up your act. These are all misinterpretations of the truth.

The irony is that these misinterpretations promote the occurrence of unwanted addition deep down you are feeling unworthy and doing quite a bit of self-blame.

That is the whole point of looking within. It’s to weed out the misinterpretations and blame and guilt and unworthiness. It is the only way to change your life and create a continued improvement in circumstances.

One obstacle is when you do look within you are confronted with all of this baggage. This baggage needs to be thrown out however it appears real to you so most don’t look any further as it seems unpleasant. Yet beyond all that baggage and indoctrination is the key to heaven on earth.

The end result is you find out how truly worthy you are of every heartfelt desire. It is clear that every heartfelt desire is both Divinely given and Divinely provided for with ease. It is also clear that you are the power behind every circumstance without blame and with clarity of how it was created by default so you never have to go through those unwanted circumstances again.

It releases judgment of self and others without eliminating discernment and choice. Forgiveness becomes easy and allows you to be free of the poison of holding on to past events. As you unpeel the onion of your subconscious baggage you become more loving, more beautiful, and more capable and your experience of life shows you how powerful you actually are.

Once you start practicing the idea of looking within for beliefs that don’t serve you and replacing them with more empowering beliefs, you will see the evidence in your world. It will be undeniable and you will wonder how you ever lived without being conscious.

Some helpful techniques are forthcoming and always know that just the intention to know, to be aware, to be happier, and with more joy will lead you to your way even without me. You just have to make it a priority and that is really it. No difficult actions or money are needed.

Technique 1:

Every negative emotion is to be admitted to yourself. Then accepting that you have the emotion, ask yourself why you chose that emotion. It is a choice that became habitual so you are not consciously aware of the choice. Ask yourself what you have to believe about yourself, any others involved and the circumstance to choose that emotion?

If you already thought you believed differently and it’s just old stuff recurring from the subconscious, you will find it easy to let it go, and reaffirm the belief you want.

If you are really tied to beliefs that support your choice, ask yourself what would you have to believe to choose differently? Entertain that idea and apply it. May not be what you think is true however negative emotion doesn’t solve the issue and just causes you harm. So for now pretend that the circumstance is as you want or because of another reason that feels better. Always aim to feel better in this exercise and over time you will find you feel better and better. Not only that but circumstances and relationships will change around you. Drop the need to be right and watch the magic.

Technique 2:

Develop a mantra of what you want to believe about yourself and use it often during the day. Especially when your mind is running away with your thoughts and going on a not so pleasant direction. Mine is “I am love, I am light, I am peace, I am health, I am beauty, I am passion, I am power and abundance”.

It should be present tense and not that long but something that inspires you.

Technique 3:

Develop the habit of thinking a GENUINE appreciative thought about every person you see.

You don’t have to say anything, just take time each day as often as possible to appreciate at least one genuine thing about every person you see. Don’t forget yourself!

Technique 4:

Remind yourself that you are worthy, Divinely loved, Divinely guided, and nothing you do or don’t do will change that. Whatever spiritual path you follow, that is true and looking within past the baggage will remind you of that so often, you will wonder why you didn’t look there in the first place. Enjoy that connection and all the gifts it continues to offer you even when you ignore them. Say yes to your Divine inheritance and awaken to your true nature.

You are loved beyond your wildest imaginings...beyond the love of a mother, father, or lover. It is magnificent as are you.

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