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Divine Love is the Cheat Code

In the game of life, the circumstances of your life are directly related to the mastery of your mind. Mastering your mind requires connection to the Divine. The amount of joy, passion, appreciation, and love lead to better outcomes. The tricky part is some find those emotions by accident because of their circumstances and attribute the feeling to the circumstance. This is the proverbial house of cards that is easily crumbled to the ground.

In addition, we are indoctrinated to believe that all of those feelings ARE dependent on the circumstances of life. Obviously, with careful attention and experience, anyone can discover that circumstances are not the reason for the feeling. Your beliefs about the circumstance determine your response. Feelings in response to circumstances also are not long-lasting.

There was a psychological study measuring the degree of perceived happiness in people after various life changes. It seems that within a year of any change, bad or good, the person’s perception of their level of happiness returns to the baseline that was established prior to the change.

Most people are trained to respond to life and taught they have no control over circumstances. Erroneously thinking actions and words can sometimes correct the problem. Worse yet, thinking laws will solve issues. Obviously, none of these responses to issues solve anything and in fact, may even worsen the issue.

The other more important factor is believing all of these external modes for correcting unwanted circumstances will work, negates learning your true power. The only true solution is looking within and mastering your “mental diet”. That doesn’t mean ignoring issues however it does mean framing them properly. Is this something I can change or has a solution? If so, am I drawn to an empowering action? If no solution and consequent empowering action is available then your work is to stay in the vibration of love, appreciation, passion and joy. A solution will present itself or will be done for you.

This applies to personal circumstances and that of the world at large. Obviously there are many circumstances that require change in the world at large. It is also true that there are even more circumstances in the world at large to appreciate, love, celebrate and find joyful. It is far better to purposely seek those things to authentically appreciate than to wallow in problems that have no solution.

This is where mind mastery comes into play. The more you continue to master your mind, the less you will be drawn into the response mode of living. Since all of this time space game of life is energetic, you will at least be contributing limitless sources of energy for the good of all as well as yourself.

Divine Love is the most important part of mind mastery. One cannot master this tool of mind we have been gifted without that connection. It is difficult to have awareness of unwanted circumstances in any part of life and have compassion for the misguided as well as for the perceived victims without judgment and feeling sorry. Neither of these emotions bring solution.

That goes for you at the personal level and the world at large. That doesn’t condone unwanted circumstances or negate the consequence of those circumstances. It just means that if you truly want to change anything in your world, you can only create new visions from love, appreciation, joy and passion.

Being connected to Divine Love eliminates fear, allows mastering your mind, and provides solutions that have lasting effects. When you have a real and personal relationship with The Divine, you are easily in a state of love and appreciation of self, others, and life. Solutions become easy, and ripple throughout your personal life and the world.

Magic and Miracles do happen regularly and you become more adept at guiding them. Even more importantly when you don’t have an answer or solution, you completely trust that it will show up in ways that surprise and delight you. You are unattached to circumstances and yet fully able to enjoy those that show up. The moments you live are fully lived and lead to ever-expanding joy.

When you formulate a vision for a future experience, you know that or better is a done deal. You begin to live in the future now instead of the past that lingers, watching it slowly fade away. You find real evidence in your life showing how powerful a change of mind and belief can be. You fill your mind with that which is good, loving, and heartfelt. Appreciation and love become the dominant emotion. Reactive living just does not happen.

Divine Love is limitless and powerful always flowing into you so allow it to flow through you. It feels amazing and empowers everything exponentially. There is nothing that compares!

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