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Heartfelt Desire is Divine

Sooooo, there are so many seeming paradoxes in this game of life we play. One of which is the idea of surrendering to a higher power instead of doing what you want. In fact, surrendering to this higher power actually gets you what you truly want.

The issue is many of us are confused about what we truly want. We are often programmed by our society to believe we aren’t worthy without certain attributes, things or experiences. The marketing of what is considered a “fun” life or “fulfilling” life has been distorted. Our own misguided insecurities are also buying into the illusion that something external to ourselves and the Divine will solve the issue.

This is blatantly illogical and misleading. First of all every single magnificent being here on earth is unique. There is not a one size fits all package or plan for everyone. I would venture to say that every single person has a different path and different heart felt desires. Secondly most of the marketing and programming plays off of the insecurities of every being and amplifies those insecurities.

The vicious cycle of misguided ideas of what is actually desired and how to acquire it is compounding. The person gets on a path that isn’t heartfelt with the promise of arriving, either never arriving, or when they do arrive they are still empty. Then the vicious cycle continues eliminating the chance of actual insight and awareness.

The truth is that your greatest joy is following your heart felt desire and inspiration. This is Divinely given. When you are connected to the Divine, you no longer have insecurities so you don’t get misled or if you do, you self-correct quickly and easily. You find straying off the Divinely inspired path no fun and having no joy anyway.

You also realize that surrendering to the Divine leads you to your greatest version of all that you truly desire in a way that exceeds your expectations exponentially. Not only that, the journey is equally joyful. It’s a win win and those desires always hold within them the greater good for all. In addition when you are in that zone, everyone around you is lead to their Divine connection as well.

When you are in sync with your Divine connection surrounded by others like that, the amazing experiences of life just blow you away. The miracles are not only in appreciating the “small things” but magnitudes of magic. Of course nothing compares to feeling Divine Love flowing to you, in you and through you. Nothing else will satisfy you ever, as that is ultimately what you want and need. The heartfelt desires are the Divine working through you to not only bless you with your grandest vision of life but to also bless those around you. Like I said, it’s always a win-win brilliantly orchestrated.

The most important thing you can do to get what you want the quickest and easiest way is to cultivate your personal relationship with the Divine and remember who you are. Disconnect from the matrix that is basically an energy vampire of your life force. Negative emotion feeds the machine and robs you of your creative ability.

I tell a story about an interview I watched. The man speaking had been an atheist and having a near death experience met God. He said he felt a love and bliss more powerful and real than anything he had experienced on earth. God said to him “I love you and you are the center of the universe, not only that but I like you, you are my favorite!” In that moment he knew it was true and it was true for every person that lives. That is a glimpse of who you are.

If you knew who you are, you would see yourself and everything and everyone through the lens of that love. There would be no delusions of insecurity and no reason for fear. Love is always at the root of every desire. When you desire something because of lack or insecurity, it isn’t truly a desire and the result will only be more lack and insecurity.

When you allow Love and Inspiration to guide you, the journey is passionate, joyful, and easy and the results are fabulous.

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