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Connection is your greatest moment

I am trying to think of something, anything that is more beautiful and deeply felt than something shared with another.  In fact it seems that our world has been designed (perhaps by the divine in us) to be something meant to be shared.  Even a solo “accomplishment” is so much sweeter when you can share the story of it with even just one other person.  Even if you anonymously give money or aid to another you are in essence sharing the experience with the person you help though you may never meet.
Connection with others is part of the experience of this time space reality and probably one of the most important or sought after experiences.  Connection with others is where our greatest and deepest and peak experiences happen.  It is also where we get our wires crossed and our direction altered in ways we didn’t intend to go.
The good news is that if we become aware of our true magnificence we realize that those relationships that seemed “wrong” or “abusive” were only a part of our experience because we forgot.   It is a flawless plan to have the consequence of our forgetting our magnificence also be the stimulus for our awakening to that realization.
When you remember who you are…the magnificent, worthy, unique, divine, inspired being who is unlimited…and remember that of all others….then the magic of this experience becomes all that you intended it to be.
Miracles await you and are already happening.  May you be awake enough to enjoy them in this very moment.  If not you have an infinite number of moments to come and there is a part of you that is already enjoying your miracles so no worries.  Relax all is in perfect order and perfectly timed and your only job is to be you as fully as you can.  YOU are a magnificent and amazing creation.  Words are inadequate to describe all that you are, you can only feel it and live it.  That is yours in any moment you claim it and when you do, this time space reality will fill in the details more beautifully than you could ever imagine.
My appreciation for all the beauty and joy and pleasure and unique perspective that you are already showering on this world in every moment is overflowing.  Thank you.
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