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In Love With Life

Remember how it felt when you were “in love”. Even if you still love your partner, the beginning experience is magical, and not much else matters. You give freely of your love, your attention, your energy, and whatever time you have. Remember doing something you were passionate about and being in the zone. It was a similar experience of freely giving. There is no ego, there is no attention given to anything else, and time seems to stand still or expand.

This is how life was meant to be lived. The problem is that “practical” concerns enter the equation. In addition, as time goes on every insecurity you have also enters the dynamic. Your beliefs, judgments, and opinions start to cloud the purity of the moments. Before long, it’s back to mundane life with glimpses of the magic if you’re lucky.

What if that feeling of passion, expanded time, and inspired living was our natural state? What if the mundane, the practical, the obligatory is an illusion created by our own mind unmastered? What if one could live in that state of Grace almost continuously? We have been conditioned to believe that life is normally up and down. The conditioning applauds pain and sacrifice for a future goal. Apparently one has to earn their reward of whatever it is that is desired.

If you look critically at life, there is no rhyme or reason to who is rewarded. The amount of sacrifice and hard work required for any reward is not consistent. There are some that sacrifice and work hard without reward. Others seem to just fall into reward without effort. The amount of courses and how to achieve success are innumerable and most, if honest, only have 10 percent that go on to some semblance of success.

The only logical conclusion to this mystery is that we actually create our reality by how we think and believe. No outside force or law or plan can change that. Recently I learned that a third of the murders committed go unsolved. Murder is illegal and yet it happens. I give this example to show that the laws only apply to those that follow them.

It’s a hard pill to swallow to know you are in the driver's seat of your life. Your unique existence can’t be guided by anyone else. That includes me. The most joy is found in reclaiming your power and reconnecting to the Divine guidance always available to you. True mind mastery requires this connection and that you understand the mind is just a tool. You wouldn’t allow your hammer to tell you how to drive a nail. You wouldn’t let your car drive itself. Don’t let your mind tell you what to think, believe or feel.

It is in understanding this and becoming aware of your minds error thinking without direction that keeps you from being in love with life. This runaway thinking allows your magnificence to be insecure, feel inadequate and assign meaning to events that are inaccurate.

Simply put, if you saw life through your true self; the magnificent, unlimited spectacular, and eternal you, life would be magical. You would feel genuine love for self and others. You would honor your Divinely inspired preferences and desires. You would understand that others are equally powerful and only from that place can any effective “help” take place.

Any thoughts less than loving and creative are a lie. That doesn’t mean one ignores the “problems” of the world or your personal life. It means those circumstances lead to clarity of creative purpose and you turn to the Divine for solutions. You give you attention to solutions and if none are forthcoming, you stand in knowing that the solution will come or is already being done. You know that inspired action is the only way for true change and lasting solutions. Sometimes it is not your path to help another or even yourself as the Divine will provide whatever is needed.

Your work is to master your mind. When this is done, seeming Magic will happen and the experience of that result in small things will show you how real the power of Divine connection and mind mastery truly is.

Ask yourself if you want to live in a world where chance, luck, and the whim of so-called people in charge rule your life? Wouldn’t you rather live in a world where you have the power to create your reality? Wouldn’t you rather live a life where passion, joy, ease and flow are continuous? Wouldn’t you rather be in love?

Make the decision to at least entertain the possibility and then start mastering your mind which requires connecting to the Divine. Like a wild horse, your mind is going to resist being mastered after a lifetime of running your life so be patient. Your mind is going to love its new path and with a little awareness and attention will run you so fast to your desired outcomes, you will be amazed.

There will come a time when you have no doubt and this is where the magic of being in love with life becomes the way you live. Enjoy your magnificent reality!

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