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When you finally get over yourself and recognize the unlimited power within you, oh how delicious life becomes. It was meant to be delicious. That is why we decided eating would be a part of the experience…lol…but there are so many many delicious parts of life.
The choice of experiences in this game we play called life are unlimited and amazing and exciting and stimulating and completely our call. Some of us pick the expert level and how much fun is it to come out of the other side of a challenge like that on top of the mountain and fully capable of teaching other gamers to beat that level. Equally valid is just playing on whatever level and seeking new vistas to explore without challenge but exciting and enjoyable…It is all good and in perfect order so take your controller back from your parents, children, lover, teacher, society and start playing your game all out…miracles then happen all around you and you get to direct all of it.

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