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Interesting Thought

Think about it.  If you were unlimited and eternal and the source of all that exists and then some, would you have worries, judgment or guilt.  Wouldn’t you want to share what you have, which is unlimited, with some aspect of yourself in a loving way.  Wouldn’t you want that aspect to be capable of all that you are capable of and love that aspect unconditionally.  All your little aspects would be free to create as they want and you would allow them to play in the playground of life.  You wouldn’t have the usual worries of a parent because you know that the playground of life is very temporary and nothing would harm your little aspects.  Almost like a child playing a video game.  You would be there for them but they want to do it on their own and so you only help when asked.  You watch as they create a universe so beautiful that you are overjoyed and full of love.  You know they are always fine no matter what “trouble” they get into.  There are a few that enter the playground of life and truly make a mess of it but even in their mess they stir inspiration for new and wonderful parts of the universe that is unfolding.  It is only a portion of the aspect that enters the playground so even the most destructive of play days is not harmful to anything real.  In every one that is a part of you there is magnificence and joy and inspiration and power.  They have everything they need to make out of their play day anything and everything they want.  Even if it doesn’t get made or experienced in the play area, the new desire or idea is now an aspect of all that is just for the inspiration of it and any and all aspects can experience it in the greater part of who they are at any time.  It is a perfect plan and the joy of the unfolding is truly heavenly.

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