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Look Within for the Answers are Always there





All drama and suffering in final analysis is a result of our forgetting our own magnificence. It is forgetting who we are and how infinitely powerful and unlimited that “who” is.
When you allow yourself to connect with the inner you that is eternal and infinite and connected to all that is, you understand that you are the source of your own unique brand of life and meaning of that life. You understand that you came for the love of the experience, the unfolding of your completely unique interpretation of each and every moment and to draw out of this experience your desire for the next.

There is no deadline, there is no need to justify your worth with accomplishments or external praise, there is no need to depend on any one person or people or institution for your inspired life. There is within you the source that is in everything and that is infinite and will yield to you every want, every idea, every experience, every possible thing you could imagine or dream or desire.
When you live with that connection the people and circumstances and experiences unfold easily and any action on your part is inspired and pleasurable. There is no effort to relationships between two people or many when all involved are connected. There is no effort in business, or finances or wellness. It just flows.
The problems arise when we try to fix something out there because we have forgotten what is out there is a reflection of what is in ourselves. Rather it is a reflection of our amnesia to who we are and our disconnection from our own power. These problems can’t be fixed by propagating the idea that there are problems and victims and certainly can’t be fixed by keeping yourself disconnected from your amazing truth by worry, guilt, fear, anger, and frustration.
When you are connected you see only powerful people creating realities you may not choose for yourself and you know that the best way for you to “help” is to stay connected and not buy into the problem. From that connected place you make it more likely that others will become connected and are more likely to find solutions to the “problem” because you are focused on what is wanted not complaining about what is wrong with whatever area you find not to your liking.

You will find yourself immune to suffering and drama. You will find that not one person in your experience draws a negative reaction from you. You will still have your unique preferences as to who you enjoy spending time with but no one will illicit a negative feeling from you. You will be authentically drawn by pleasure to the people who resonate with you and the rest you will easily allow to find their own people to resonate with. You will not see this as a better than kind of situation or a lessor than situation but rather a preference on your part and their part. You will know that each and every person chooses their experience and can learn to choose another if they don’t enjoy the one they are in. It will not be your responsibility to help unless you feel drawn to it and the other is receptive. It is truly a lovely thing to enjoy the pleasure or reawakening a powerful being and we are all that powerful being but when a powerful being is not open to it then it isn’t your place and you accept that. You also know that no true harm can come to anyone for they are eternal and unlimited and this experience is not all there is.
When in your own life you find yourself feeling any kind of negative emotion you will immediately know that it is your own disconnection and not the fault of another or circumstances. You will choose to work within in order to “fix” the problem and from that powerful stance you will naturally find yourself feeling great with absolute knowing that all will be well. It is only then that your choice to feel less than wonderful will be recognized as your choice and not caused by circumstances or another and you will recognize the circumstance was created by you. You will then know what you need to do to make another circumstance more to your preference become your next experience.
Enjoy the freedom from anything but living your greatest experiences for the good of all that is.

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