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The Essence of Cool

What exactly is the essense of cool?  Maybe the word “cool” dates me but I think most of us conceptually know what I mean though the definition is not so clear.  Actually the dictionary states “dispassionate calmness and self-control” but the essence is something words can’t really describe.

Steve McQueen was cool, the Fonz was cool, and I am sure many others and again I date myself.   In addition we all have our opinions about what or who is cool and that may differ.  I would venture to say that there are some we all agree are “cool”.

I haven’t really studied it in depth because I am not swayed or impressed by coolness although appreciative of it.  I believe we all have it because it is the confidence to embrace yourself and know how great you are.

The iconic cool people and characters that we know are universally confident in who they are no matter what they do.  They seem to lead without even leading.  They enjoy others but shy away from weakness and those that idolize.  They are comfortable taking a different path but don’t judge another’s path.  They are good at what they do because they love what they do.  They enjoy life fully.

So basically these “cool” people are being themselves and confident in being who they are.  They are relatively selfish about it as well.  This is actually an empowering quality.  They are going to be who they are no matter who doesn’t like it.  They are going to be who they are no matter what.  No amount of manipulation by anyone can change that.

It is a funny thing that when you are sure that being who you are is right and are not affected by manipulation then the manipulation attempts stop happening.  Think of anyone you think might be worthy of the “cool” label and imagine someone trying to manipulate them.  You probably can’t imagine it.

We all have the capacity for that…every single one of us is born to be that way.  You are magnificent and spectacular and “cool”…embrace your true self and wake each day with wonder about what life has in store for you.


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