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True Integrity

True Integrity.

Integrity sometimes seems like a very heavy and responsible word. To have integrity has taken on the meaning of doing what you are supposed to do no matter what, doing the “right” thing, absolute honesty in every circumstance and I could go on and on. I am not saying that those aspects can’t be a part of integrity but true integrity is being whole. True integrity is being true to who you really are.

Now we get into some sticky areas. Mostly because there isn’t one of us who actually knows who we truly are, and since we are constantly becoming in every moment then in a way, no one can have true integrity but rather can only aspire to have the illusive idea of wholeness. It’s actually a cool thing when you think of it. It means your life is full of exciting discovery. It means that you can get over yourself and actually connect with more people. It means that you feel more compassion because we are all figuring it out all the while we are creating something new to figure out in the next moment.

The other great thing that comes from understanding your wonderful creative nature is that you stop making things right or wrong. Instead you see things as preferred or not preferred. You evaluate people and circumstances as serving your intended goal or not serving your intended goal. You start to notice feelings, thoughts and behaviors that come up without beating yourself up about them. Instead you observe them and notice whether they are leading you toward more of what you want or away from that.

What happens when you get over trying to “be you” and holding onto this idea that you have to figure it out so that you can become it, you actually get to know yourself. You actually get to know other people and feel amazing compassionate appreciation for them. The most amazing thing is that you actually see that Every Single Person you meet and know has something precious and priceless to add to your life.

That self is infinite and infinitely changing and creating and then changing again. That self is eternally, unconditionally loved and worthy of universes laying their full resources at your feet. That self is no longer concerned with anyone’s opinion of you because you create their opinion of you. That self has what society would call “integrity” because you do what you say because you wouldn’t say it if you didn’t intend to do it. That self would speak the truth because it would have no fear.

Of course that self would also know that as you change who you are, which happens continuously, there will be times when fear will occur as you get used to the new expanded you and you will act out of integrity or wholeness. That self will recognize it and do what it takes to restore that wholeness with all people and circumstances as soon as you are aware of it. Not because it is the “right” thing to do but because it feels good, and it is the only way to make your life what you want it to be, whatever that is.

The bottom line is you become very real, and authentic, and only then can you find the very real and authentic in others and OH MY GOD is that the most breathless, amazing, beautiful and wonderful part of living in this world. None of the stuff, the accomplishments, the goals, the places holds a candle to the moments you see the true magnificence in another person right in your very presence. The awe of that makes the grand canyon pale in comparison. The depths of every person, the complexity of every soul within, the beauty, the songs unsung and sung…and only to the degree you can see all that in others is the degree you can appreciate your own magnificence.

You came here to love that…and we have only scratched the surface of the love that can be experienced. I am overwhelmed by you, by it, by the feeling. If you could see yourself through my eyes you would be in awe of you. I am profoundly grateful for the gift of you…deeply moved and excited for what is to come and at peace with what is now

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