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Trying to Stop

Whatever you are trying to stop doing, your chances of long term success are about 1 percent…seems rather low and it is. The reason is that any time you focus on what you don’t want, you make it more powerful. The trick is to focus on what you want to start doing…and make sure it is what you want and not what someone else thinks you should be doing.

A simple example is trying to stop eating junk…instead focus on going after things you want to eat (that are not junk…lol) and defining junk is quite another topic for another discussion…lol Instead of trying to stop yourself from eating too much focus on getting yourself to eat smaller bites more slowly, getting the same amount of pleasure for less calories. The trick is to go toward an action desired not try to stay away from an action not desired.

You will find the more you move toward what you want, the less pull the things you want to remove from your life will have. Even if the action you go toward seems to have nothing to do with what you are trying to avoid, it is impossible to do two things at once unless of course you are texting and driving…lol

It is the same with your thinking which is even more important…so many people, for example, find it difficult to “stop worrying” about things. You cannot stop worrying, you have to direct your mind to more lovely thoughts and that takes a little practice. Develop a great phrase that you can repeat over and over again in your mind or cultivate the ability to fantasize about things wanted or dreamed about. Take the worry thought and make it the opposite thought and run that through your head on purpose. Whatever works best for you and you will know because it feels better than what you were thinking before.

Worrying about anything is not only a waste of time but from an energetic standpoint it is destructive to you and any circumstance or person you worry about. When you find yourself thinking a thought that is a worry, it is then that you direct your mind to some other thought. Don’t try to tell yourself to stop worrying because that will not work…think about the opposite result of your worry or if that is not believable or uncomfortable then think about something else entirely. This is when having a great dream or fantasy that brings you joy is always helpful. If you don’t have that developed yet, then go watch a uplifting movie or read a great (uplifting, not depressing) book, or watch some comedy or turn on your music and dance or call a friend (who is positive) and chat, or have a glass of wine…lol

Be patient with yourself…take one little thing at a time, one moment at a time and as you put your attention to feeling better and changing your mind a little at a time you will see that it will bring you positive results that will make it easier and easier until you reach a place where heaven is here and every day is awesome and life keeps getting better and better…promise oh magnificent one…you are going to be so thrilled with your new life.

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