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Well Meaning Advice That Misses the Truth

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Often I read advice from well-known authors and experts that speak of our magnificence and then limit us in subtle ways.  They bring us up and empower us in wonderful ways and I truly am grateful for their inspiration and amazing books and courses and speeches and quotes.  At any moment that you start to feel less than empowered and amazing, remember that no one person is always in tune to universal truth.

When they start talking about what action you must take, or what diet you should eat, or how you should use the resources of our amazing planet, or how much exercise you should get, or what spiritual practices are appropriate they are headed away from truth.  Unless of course when you read it you feel empowered and amazing then maybe that specific part of it is your personal truth.

The mind is nonlocal and unlimited.  Your ability to create is unlimited.  If one person can experience a miracle then all can.  The body was designed to compensate for an infinite amount of variables and each one is unique.  The human body can heal anything including a sugary drink or a Big Mac or cancer.  The resources of our planet will always replenish themselves.  The creative nature of the human mind is infinite.  Anything and everything is possible if we believe it.

When you are connected to your unlimited magnificent truth, you will find that the actions you take flow.  There are times in life that we feel we must force ourselves to do certain things or actions but that is when we are not connected, not because the action is necessary to our greater good or the greater good of anyone else.  There is nothing that you must do but in being who you are the action will be inspired and seem like play.

When you eat something for the sheer joy and pleasure of eating it, it will always be good for you.  If you listen to others who tell you it is not good for you then you will have resistance to it.  It is only then that it becomes unhealthy.  When you are connected to your magnificent and unlimited truth you will gravitate to the food that works best for you and it may be bacon.

Some claim that our world is dying because of the abuse and excess of humans not caring about their irresponsible use of resources.  It is our attention to this “idea” that brings more of that into our experience.  The earth, our oceans, and our resources have an unlimited ability to heal and cleanse and replenish themselves.  In addition, we as humans have an unlimited ability to create solutions to any perceived problem and we have the solutions already waiting to implement should our attention to what is wrong bring more of what is “wrong”.

Your only responsibility is to own your magnificent unlimited amazing truth and from that platform engage in whatever gives you joy and pleasure, allowing every other being to do the same.  Even in saying that you can be completely disconnected from your amazing truth and “waste” your every moment in this time space experience and still it doesn’t change how amazing you are, how magnificent you are, how unlimited and infinite you are.

In conclusion, when you read something or listen to something or watch something, it is only for you if it makes you feel great, amazing and empowered.  If there is any other emotion, it is your higher self or inner being telling you something.  That something is to put your attention on something else and you will know when you have it right because it will feel better than what you were feeling before.  If you continue to be very picky about what you allow into your amazing and powerful mind you will soon be the master of your experience and all that is will benefit.

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