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Remember how Magnificent and Limitless you Truly are





Nothing you or anyone else could say or do can change the fact that you are infinitely powerful, amazing and unlimited. No matter how much you or someone else argues for your limitation or lack of worth it CANNOT change the fact that you have no limitations and are worthy of more than you can possibly dream.
Yes every thought you have creates and exists as potential but the only power anything has in your experience is when you give it your attention. Unless you are asleep to your power it is truly as harmless as an embryo or seedling.
If you allow your attention and thought to go wherever your misguided beliefs, other people, the media, authority and what circumstances you may have unknowingly created in error then you give it power. The good news is that it is your power and you can remove your power from it and it will disappear from your experience no matter how strong it may seem.
The other good news is that no matter how big you have grown a problem there are an astronomical number of great things you have grown that you could give your power to instead. In error, we have been taught to face our problems and pay attention to them but that method never works. Even when it appears to work it just makes the problem appear in a different form.
The only way to truly make it disappear from your experience is to give your thought and attention to what is working in your life and solutions MUST occur. You may not even be aware of the solution or you may be instrumental but the problem will dissolve.
The biggest problem though in any of that is that you have forgotten how powerful and worthy and magnificent and limitless you are. Remember and all will be as you want.

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