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See through the Eyes of Your True Magnificence





There are really no problems in this existence we call reality except that we have forgotten who we truly are. At the core we are spectacular creative geniuses. At the core we are magnificent beings easily capable of anything we can imagine. At the core we are destined for amazing and great things.
If you begin to reinterpret every day life through the eyes of who you truly are you will find magic in it, happening daily, sparkling around you, exciting your senses and moving you to graceful inspired living that will transform not only your life but all of life.
If you care about yourself and anyone in your life then start this moment and become aware of how you have forgotten and remember in this moment. If you don’t believe me then just try it and see how good it feels to be who you really are.
There is no possible way to disprove that you create your own reality so you might as well harness your thoughts and move them in that direction just in case. The more you do it, the more all things will improve and you will find there is no way to live without being connected to your infinite self.

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