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Enjoy Your Own Beauty





It seems that beauty is one of the aspects of this time space reality that stimulates the feeling of appreciation. Appreciation is one of the emotions that stimulate health in the least and leads to amazing experiences in life leading to dreams coming true at it’s best.
We are offered beauty in every moment but you need to be present and aware to appreciate those gifts. I for one love appreciating the beauty of so many things, including myself for I am one constant in my life that I seem to have always…lol
If you can’t accept that you are beautiful, you can at least appreciate those aspects of yourself that are beautiful and the more you appreciate those aspects, the more those aspects influence other aspects and lead to a more beautiful life in every way.
Some may judge external beauty as a superficial non spiritual concept but truly it is very spiritual as all aspects of life are. You can look at a sunset or gorgeous sky and connect with the Divine but what is more spiritual than to appreciate the gift of you in every way. You can then more easily appreciate the gift of every person you come into contact with and when you can do that you can transform them, your life and watch the magic happen all around you.
Enjoy your magnificent self to the fullest.

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