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Enjoy Your Connection to the Divine





So many of us have this idea that the Divine has a plan for us that we may not truly want to experience or that what we want to experience is not part of the Divine plan or wrong.  That is so far from the truth that it is laughable.

You came here to experience your every hearts desire, the ones that thrill you and inspire you and make you wake up each morning excited for the day. The Divine and you, one and the same for it can’t be any other way, wants you to experience all of that. It is only in your connection that you will. It is also the only true way you can affect change in anyone else’s life as well.

We are all connected so if one lives the life of their dreams then all will have a clearer path to living their dream life. They can still choose to not connect and in a way cut the nose off their face to spite their nose but in your connection you don’t enable that behavior. To see anyone as powerless and in “need” of your help does not serve them. That doesn’t mean you don’t help or reach out but when you do it comes from an inspired desire to do so with the full knowledge that this person is part of your connection. In that way you actually make the path to awakening a powerful being possible. Otherwise you only serve to keep them suffering from not realizing their true magnificence.

In order for you to truly “help” you must first be living in full connection with your divine self and if so then you will be living your dream life. In the meantime you do have moments and slivers of your dream life already manifesting in your present experience. Be aware of them and appreciate them and make your decisions while doing that and to the best of your ability act only from inspiration whether in your own life or helping others.

Always treat yourself with patience as you have had a lifetime of practice in thinking as if you were powerless and not worthy. It takes time to break any habit but this is one habit well worth breaking.

Enjoy your moments of truth when you see yourself as the magnificent spectacular and limitless being that you are.

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