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All things are possible

How many of us reach some goal only to find that the satisfaction did not last long?  How many of us attain some level of living that we believed would be “better” only to find ourselves not “better”?  How many of us feel that something is missing and if only circumstances or our body shape or our income or our significant other would act differently we would feel better?  How many of us find that no matter how good things get there is always someone else who has it better and we feel inadequate or jealous?
It is the essence of this experience that we will always be exposed to different and more and better, and have the opportunity to expand our life to fill it with the experiences we want.
The difference between those that easily move into the next experience chosen and those that find it difficult is the way they feel in the moment.  That is where making the mastery of your thoughts is of the highest priority.   Your thoughts, and those thoughts so practiced they become beliefs and almost subconscious, are what cause your feelings.  Your feelings are two fold.  They are an indication of whether you are drawing to you the events, people, and circumstances that will find you easily moving into your next joyful experience or not.  They are also the real joy of this experience.
It is safe to say that no matter what you find pleasurable it is because it makes you feel good, happy, joy, relief and draws you to it.  How do you really describe pleasure, really, except that is draws you in pleasantly.  Yes language is inadequate to really describe much of what we take for granted including the feeling of pleasure.  When you feel pleasure what is it really?  That is for another discussion though and so let’s get back to mastering your thoughts.
Realize that the circumstances and experiences in your life do not “cause” your feelings but rather the “cause” of your feelings are your thoughts about that circumstance or experience.  When you relearn to take your thoughts where you want them to go you will then be able to have any feeling you want anytime.  When you do that then every moment will be full of what you find pleasurable.  You will find appreciation and awe and excitement and deep relaxation yours for the choosing.  When you can do that on a regular basis you will find circumstances easily, actually magically, flowing to the dreams and desires you are constantly forming and becoming manifest in your actual time space reality.
You will find that when you notice something new or better or more you will feel excited about it for if you want it you will know that it will be your experience shortly.  You will also feel great appreciation for your now experience for you know it has given you pleasure and prepared you for the next pleasure.
Sounds selfish and yet the only real way you can better the world is to correct the mistake of thinking you are limited and less than magnificent and powerful, and believing others are limited and less than magnificent and powerful.
Practice thinking thoughts that make you feel good in every moment because, hard to believe, it feels good…lol…and you will do more for yourself and others than any other activity you could engage in.
Enjoy your moments magnificent thinker ot thoughts that inspire and create spectacular experiences.
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