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Own and Celebrate your Magnificence

We are often misguided to think we must save and not give.  We must save our love for only the worthy.  We must save our talents for when we have time away from our “work”.  We must ration our time for pleasure for we have obligations and responsibilities.  We must save our money for a rainy day.  We should hold back from doing what we want to do because there are consequences.  When we are “burned out” we are told it is because we gave too much or worked too hard.
Actually being burned out is about not giving too much or working too hard.  It is about not giving your time to what you love, who you love and feeling limited.  If you were doing what you were passionate about there would be no limit to your energy and your desire to do what it is you are doing.  If you loved without expectation you would find that the right people would be in your life and the exchange would be life giving.  It is only our forgetting our magnificence and power that causes us to hold back from loving with all that we are.  When we hold back then no one wins.  We can’t receive what we don’t allow and when two people are doing the holding back dance, no relationship can thrive.
The fear is that if you “give too much” you will get hurt.  What exactly is getting hurt when you think about it.  You lose the other person for some reason then they weren’t the right one for you.  If you think you are limited and less than magnificent then you might choose to be hurt.  That feeling is just about you forgetting who you are and nothing more.  When you remember who you are you realize you can never be hurt and you can give unconditionally.  You will not become a doormat for you won’t be “doing” anything you don’t want to do because you fear loss.  You will only be doing things that give you joy.
You will be confident that all will work out perfectly no matter how it looks in the short term and you will find joy in every moment in every and any way possible for you know that will bring the grandest realization of your dreams to you more quickly.
That goes for work, play, finances, health…your only true work is to remember who you truly are and that is unlimited, magnificent, eternal, spectacular and amazingly unique.  There is only one you for a reason and it is all exactly right for what you plan in the next moment.
Enjoy your every magical moment, magnificent one.
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