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When someone else is where you want to be




I played golf yesterday with one of the best women golfers that I have ever had the pleasure to play with. I am just a beginner and would consider myself bordering on average but I don’t intend to stay there. Watching this woman play made me feel so good because I could see first hand the potential for me in my game. Seeing a woman with a family and career playing so well was inspiring. She was a great teacher as well. I watched and listened and hopefully learned all the while I was having a great time and playing a game I truly enjoy.
I thought that we ought to have that attitude about all aspects of life. Enjoy what you are doing but pay attention to the dream that you want and the evidence of it’s possibility all around you.
Realize that how someone else gets there is not how it will be for you but that you will find your way. Just like her swing is different from mine and her set up routine is different from mine. What works for her may not work for me but I know I will find it because I could see with my own eyes that she did it.

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