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Say no to Struggle, Pain and Sacrifice




Question all things: Why do we believe that struggle, pain and sacrifice are necessary for growth? It is true that there is always the potential for growth in any struggle, pain or sacrifice but they are not necessary. However, if you did have that experience then that particular experience was necessary for you personally. It means that you were asleep so soundly that a louder alarm was needed to wake you to your true self. The power within you is amazing and strong and magnificent. That power or energy is capable of infinite possibilities and many are your hearts desire, your dreams come true.
I would like to encourage you to listen and learn before the struggle and pain. I would encourage you to focus on the new and improved ideas and not make the struggle and pain your idol. I would encourage you to look for the evidence that there are many who get to great success in life without struggle. When I say success I am talking about true success in all categories of life and that does include finances but also includes relationship, spirituality and pleasure with balance. We seem to glorify the struggle and pain and sacrifice and in glorifying that aspect we propagate the belief that it is a good thing and necessary.
How many of you would wish your children had to go through pain and struggle and sacrifice to get what they want? Don’t you in your heart of hearts want your children to have a life that is fun and easy and successful, full of great experiences and love, free of worry and guilt. Well if you want that for your children then want it for yourself and stop propagating the belief that struggle and pain and sacrifice is a good thing. It is not…it is a thing that we create out of our forgetting how powerful and magnificent we are.

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