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There are so many people who, because they have forgotten their own power and magnificence, would like to make you wrong for being the center of your own universe. The problem is that we are hardwired and designed to be just that. The problem is that it is the only way we affect positive change for everyone. Anything else is just allowing us to temporarily feel good at the expense of someone who has forgotten as well.
True altruism is when someone helps another with the full knowledge that the one they help has only forgotten they don’t need help. It is the process of seeing the truth in your powerful neighbor and you can only do that when you know it of yourself. Anything else just serves to keep the person in their state of less than their magnificent potential.
You can’t give what you don’t have so make sure you have taken care of your own dreams before you tend to another. If not then both of you will be living less then your dreams and I know you are easily capable of fulfilling all of them.

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