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Make your passion your priority




We are trained to place our pleasures and passions as a secondary reward for doing what everyone else would like us to do first. We have been taught that this is what a responsible person does and to reverse the order will bring some sort of punishment. We eventually embrace that as the truth and teach it to others. We make being “selfish” a bad thing as we frown upon someone “doing what they want” as if it is a terrible character flaw.
The problem with this is that the most successful and happy people are doing just that. They do what they want and what makes them happy. The majority of these successful and happy people are the ones doing more good for others than we would like to admit.
I have found a great exercise from the material called the placemat exercise. Simply take a sheet of paper with two columns one for your personal to do list and the other for the universe. On your side write only what you must do that day for survival and then place all the things you think you need to get done on the universe side and allow the universe’s resources to amaze you.
Most important detach your self worth from accomplishment as you are already magnificent and no accomplishment can make that more or less. This frees you to do what you want and then the journey and the destination are equally fun. Life then becomes the passionate adventure it was meant to be and all people benefit from that kind of life.

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