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Addressing the Dark Side



Question all things: Is a positive attitude the same as being happy? In my work with cancer patients the idea of having a positive attitude and “fighting” the disease has been erroneously attached to success. It is the same with all aspects of life that don’t quite go the way you want it to. In not truly understanding the way your¬†amazing mind and life work people ignore themselves and push against issues only to make matters worse. You can’t possibly have a true positive attitude if you are faking it. You can’t possibly get rid of an issue by pushing against it.

So what does one do with those pesky negative thoughts that seem to percolate up into your mind even though you want to be positive? You just can’t slap a happy face on them or stuff them down because they affect you anyway. In fact it may be that they affect you more when you don’t give them air time. They are there for a reason and the reason is that you have some very strong limiting belief. That belief is then running 24/7 inside your mind and affecting your life and not for the better.

It is better to be real. Face the feelings and thoughts and sit with them for awhile. Ask your higher self or the Divine for guidance or to take that belief and replace it with another one that works better. You may have to do it daily for weeks especially if you are dealing with a major problem that has surfaced.

It doesn’t mean that you carry negativity around with you and wallow in it. You will find if you let it surface and get it all out and then give it to your higher self or the Divine it will decrease in intensity and eventually you will be rid of it. Once you are rid of it then you can be truly positive and magic happens.

There are many ways to keep true happiness and a positive attitude as your main approach to life but it has to be genuine. If you find a recurrent issue that keeps popping up and you have to continue to use your “techniques” to push it’s ugly head back down that may be a sign that it needs to be brought out into the light and addressed. You may want to sit with it and explore it for a while without beating yourself up that you aren’t being “positive” at the moment. You might want to honor yourself enough to pay attention to what the core issue is and make some changes. You will only know what the core issue is if you listen and you can only listen while you give it your undivided attention.

In the book “The Map” by Boni Lonnsburry she recommends giving your dark side a little time each day especially when their is an issue or you are making a change or going after a new dream. I agree but in all things do what feels right for you.
Enjoy your magnificent life!

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