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The Dream is meant to be



Why do we not take time to just play with our dreams and fantasies like we did when we were kids. It may have been that we naturally knew how to make dreams come true by playing them in our mind until they “caught up” in “real life”. Somewhere somehow we were taught that we couldn’t do it that way and well meaning people in our life who failed to make their dreams come true taught us that it doesn’t work that way. It does but they allowed someone in their life to squash their dream and so on and so on.
If you just play in your dream world when you get a chance instead of ruminating about your problems, you will find it is much more fun. If you open your mind just a little bit to the possibility that doing that is what you were meant to do so that you could precreate the next experience in the time and space dimension, it is possible. It is possible that you could be on your way to proving your dark side was definitely wrong. The process should be fun along the way, not work. The actions should feel like playing, not struggle. It is your destiny to get there and the sooner you get there the sooner everyone else will get to their dreams as well. We are all in this together.

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