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Anyway you Want





All you experience comes from within and you have the power to easily change and mold your next experience anyway you want. Having said that the methods for doing so seem to have been left out of our school curriculum, most parents have no idea how to tap into their own power let alone teach that to their children, and it seems that in creating our own reality we have, in error, created a reality where we have forgotten our true ability.
There are some that reach rock bottom and finally let go of the attachment to this amnesia and then there are some, like me, so sensitive to discomfort that they must find a way to remember or leave this existence. The rest in between endure the discomfort of life that seems to be a roller coaster of ups and downs with well meaning people telling them that this is how life is as if they actually know.
Life is how you make it and there is no need to have lows. Outside of your amnesia attracting it and leading you out of it. You can experience life with the roller coaster set at any level…and your lows can be just peace and relaxation before the next exciting adventure and new discovery. You truly do get to choose how it is going to be if you just remember who you truly are: Amazing, magnificent, spectacular, loving, loved, cherished, limitless, eternal, powerful, gorgeous, creative, strong, fun, and with an infinite ever expanding plan.
Enjoy your day and it is your day.

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