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You Give Your Life it's Meaning





There is nothing in this life we live that has any meaning except the meaning we give it. Each person has their unique perspective on what is important and exciting and pleasurable. Each person has their own inner guidance that draws them to the fulfillment of their dreams. The problem is that we allow others to tell us what should have meaning and what meaning it is supposed to have. When we allow anything else but our own inner guidance to interpret our world we get lost.
The best way to regain your own guidance is to detach from all things, events and people in your mind and reintroduce them all through your own perception and guidance. The life you were meant to love has no obligations and requirements but rather was meant to flow from wonderful experience to the next wonderful experience. The only purpose attention to a negative or unwanted idea or experience serves is to clarify what you truly want in your next experience. Use it for clarification then turn away from it and give your attention to your new idea of what is preferred exclusively even if it is only first in your imagination. It is there that you create your next experience anyway. Why keep creating the same one over and over again unless now is exactly what you want.
The nature of life is that no matter how perfect or not perfect your now is, more data and discovery will create a new now to have and that is the excitement and pleasure of this time space reality…the ever expanding and molding and discovery of you in the next moment.
Enjoy your magnificent adventure even when you are just taking it all in and not actively trying to do anything. It is in those moments that the flow of your inner momentum will gently turn you and propel you toward your greatest moments.

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