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Be Your Own Inspiration

You know how great it feels to be with someone who enjoys life and enjoys your company. You know how great if feels to be around someone who sees you in a positive light and all you have to be is you. You know how great if feels to be the object of someones positive attention.
It may seem rare to you now but it can be a common and expected part of your life. All that is required is that you remember your own magnificence and that it is your birthright. That means that it isn’t attached to any action or accomplishment or status. It is only attached to the fact that you exist. When you embrace your own magnificence you will find that you only attract that kind of experience. The kind of experience where joy and appreciation is dominant.
Even when you find someone who is wallowing in negativity in your world, you will not take it personally and you might even recognize your part in helping that person remember their own truth. You will know that being yourself and remembering your own magnificence is all that is needed. You can only truly lead by example.
There will be those that resist or resent your example at first but usually you will not even notice. Realize that the seed you sow will grow anyway and at some point they will realize their own truth. You will need no credit for you know they could do it without you but it feels good to recognize the magnificence within anyone as you recognize it within yourself.
So be the one who enjoys you for you, appreciating your unique and powerful contribution to this time space existence just by being in it, and looking for the beauty and pleasure in each amazing moment. You will find miracles happening all around you so often you will come to joyfully expect them.

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