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YOU are more than enough

Most of us have forgotten how truly amazing and magnificent we are.  We try to fit into molds that well meaning and not so well meaning people give us for our lives because we have forgotten our magnificence.  At some point in life we hopefully realize that there are too many molds and we can’t possibly keep up with the modifications to please everyone.  It is then that we realize that our purpose is to please ourselves and to create the unique mold of our own life.  It is then that we finally come into the power that is truly ours.  That power and inspiration and creativity can only be tapped into when we are being truly who we are.
You intended to bring to this experience your own unique perspective and inspiration and creativity.   At your core truth is one amazing, unlimited, powerful and unique spirit.  That true inner part of you knew that you could do anything, be anything, experience anything that your truly desired.  Not what you parents desired or your teachers desired or your family and friends desired or your spouse desired or your society desired…but what YOU desired.
When you reconnect to that inner part of you, it will always feel like coming home and the ease of living and creating whatever experience your desire will fill you with appreciation and awe.  It is only then that you will be able to lead anyone else to their truth and that is the only way to truly enhance this world and other people for improved circumstances.
In each moment enjoy YOU, be YOU, and celebrate YOU.  Be patient with yourself for you may have spent an entire lifetime judging yourself to be less, feeling guilty, and feeling unworthy, or feeling like others have power over you.  In the moment that you are feeling less than on top of the world, realize that your practiced habit of disconnection is in play.  In that moment it is in your power to find your connection to your inner magnificence for that is actually who YOU are.  Ask for guidance and be open to amazing insights for they will flood into your mind as soon as you open the door.  It will feel awesome and loving and beautiful and powerful and inspired and appreciative and joyful…because that is who you truly are.
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