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Breathing on Purpose





Okay so breathing and relaxing are not super secret techniques and we breath all day. Not so sure that we relax all day or that we believe relaxing is possible in every day except right before sleep. It is possible to be relaxed almost all day and to remind yourself to be relaxed by breathing on purpose.
Actually paying attention to the act of breathing air in and out of your nose or mouth is relaxing. It draws your attention from whatever you are doing and especially what your amazing mind is thinking to just breathing.
When you feel rushed or stressed or upset just breath on purpose and immediately you will feel more relaxed. It will show you that you do have power over your thoughts and what you choose to think about. It will show you that you also have power over your emotions and how you feel. More importantly it will downgrade the negative emotion. At first it may not get rid of it completely but it won’t be as intense. You will, so to say, breath a little easier and then have the opportunity to think a different thought or look at the situation in a different light or change the topic of your thoughts completely.
If you make it a priority to feel good and relaxed as often as possible you will then notice that your life starts to flow, things seem to work out for the best and in your favor, and the most important thing is you will enjoy each moment even more. You will enjoy the yourself, the people that show up and the experiences you attract.
Have a relaxing and lovely day, magnificent one.

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