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Pretending Actually Works

One of our greatest gifts is the ability to imagine and enjoy the feelings of that vision.  We plan a vacation and get excited thinking about laying on the beach or going to an amusement park.  In that moment we are feeling great.  We think of a great friend and moments shared cascade into our mind and we find ourselves smiling and again feeling great.
When we were children we played all kinds of pretend games and the feeling of being in that role filled our moment.  As we get older we find this ability and the practice of it to be frivolous and a waste of time.  This is so far from the truth.  Your amazing ability to bring into your moment any feeling you want by choosing what you are thinking is one of your greatest gifts.
You can change any circumstance into something better, in fact something amazing, just by using your mind and ability to imagine anything with it.  In doing this you change your life in miraculous ways.  You will find circumstances working out for you, time expanding for you, changes that improve all aspects of your life will happen.
You have nothing to lose by practicing the art of imagining the best and the most grand interpretation of circumstances.  You have nothing to lose by making this one of your games that you become addicted to.  Imagining something amazing right now and pretending it is real right now.  How long can you keep it up.
You will find that what you imagine over and over again becomes your reality.  If you continue to let your reality fill up your mind and let the media and complaining friends and judgmental people and your own insecurities fill your mind with thoughts you will continue to create the negative aspects of your circumstances.
Make it a game to pretend a lot.  Pretend until you feel the feeling of the story you are telling.  Walk like you are the benevolent and generous ruler of your kingdom and everyone loves you and thrills to your very presence and all things are available to you whenever you want.  You just happen to want to be incognito today to enjoy a little privacy…lol
Okay so maybe that is one of my stories and for all you know it may be true now…lol…but I have many stories and many have come true but I have a great time making them up and feeling how it feels and that, my friend, is a much better way to live than worrying, complaining, feeling guilty or frustrated.  The beautiful thing is that as you do it you will find the evidence that your imagining become your reality and you will be blown away by your own awesome self.
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