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Change your Program

We live the life we think we deserve not the life we actually can live. We live the life that the subconscious programs that run continuously within us present to us in every moment. If we changed the program we could live the life we dream of living.
Every time you think you are not worthy or something is not possible then you will not be able to change your circumstances. The irony is you can find more than one example of someone who had your circumstances who actually found a way to move into the life they dreamed of having. If it is possible for one it is possible for anyone.
Even if you don’t believe that changing how you think about yourself will change your life, how could it hurt to start thinking well of yourself and to look for evidence of people who have done what seemed impossible or like a fairy tale and found themselves living the life of your dreams.
One of the problems is that we are told there is a price…well you are already paying a price for thinking you are not worthy of your dream life and that price is actually not even living most of your life, but merely existing through most of it waiting for the occasional joyful experience.
Once you start changing what you believe about yourself and the world, you will find that the price you pay is to be enjoying yourself in every moment while you have fun doing what you are inspired to do.
Isn’t that what you want…to be joyful and inspired and experience every moment as the gift it truly is, experience every person as the gift they truly are and to feel love and appreciation deeply and continuously.

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