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Just Get Inspired and the Rest is History

I was just reading some inspirational material…and one of the analogies seemed to apply to any new endeavor in your life.  I modified it and this is what came to me this morning and thankfully I have you guys to share it with.
Since our subconscious mind runs 96% of our lives and quite well for the most part since you really don’t have to think about walking anymore you just do it and you don’t have to think about driving your car, it flows automatically …well it is the same for this any new endeavor whether it is a new business or hobby.  In the beginning it is like learning to drive a car, you have to think about every little aspect of what you are doing and you stall sometimes and jerk the car sometimes and there are times when you are a little scared of the roads you aren’t used to traveling or nervous when merging into a busy highway, but you always kept your goal of being free to travel wherever you want quickly in the forefront of your mind, it was almost a necessity.  Not driving was not an option.
In addition you knew that knowing how to drive a car was going to get you to the places, people and experiences you want to have in a much more efficient way.  It is the same with this any new endeavor.  You decide to do something new because you have a reason, a dream, an inspired why….at first you need someone to help you learn and be in the passenger seat making sure you are doing it right and you have to think about almost everything you need to do and you will definitely stall out occasionally and jerk the car around and make the wrong turn and there will be times when you are way out of your comfort zone merging into the highway but after a while it becomes easy and routine and the subconscious mind starts to take it over and you will find yourself doing things easily.  You will find yourself living the life you know you were meant to live and you will wonder why you ever thought it was difficult.  You really didn’t think learning to drive was that difficult because not learning to drive was not an option and there were many in your world that knew how to drive that were just like you.  It is the same with any new endeavor…that is if you have a vision and see the end as a done deal.
Keep your goal of freedom to go where you want in the front of your mind.  keep your goal of freedom to live a life you were meant to live, the life you intended to live in the front of your mind.  With driving a car, you just assumed you would get it and that it was a done deal eventually.  That is why connecting to people who support, believe and have done something similar to what you plan to do really helps you along the way…those things give you the knowledge that it is a done deal and you will get it eventually because those that did it already are just like you and did it.   Realize you can have a car full of expert drivers willing to drive with you and help you in this world.  We are on the road trip of the century so just get out and drive the best way you can and make sure the people you have riding with you actually know how to drive…lol…don’t worry about making mistakes, or going in the wrong direction.  It is part of the experience.
Enjoy all your new adventures and life is about to get very interesting!!
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