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Change Your Set Point

If you are unaware of your set point…your subconscious set point, look no further for your life will tell you clearly what it is. Your subconscious runs about 95 to 99 percent of your life. You walk, chew, drive, breath etc without any thought or very little thought. It is the same with your habits of thought surrounding other areas of your life like love, finance, success, health, relationships, business, work, play, pleasure.
Habits of thoughts are beliefs which then guide the energy you emit. Your vibration if you will. There are countless examples and studies which prove that the energy of us has far reaching effects. Actually limitless effects but you certainly see it in your immediate area. You know when you are with someone who is uplifting and when you are with someone who drags you down. The question is what are you doing with your vibration at this moment. You happen to be with yourself just about every waking moment so you have the greatest influence on you. Are you uplifting yourself or dragging yourself down.

If you entertain for just a moment that your every experience is created by you, every person given the script by you, and even you are acting or not acting based on the script you have given yourself. What you believe about life, health, success, love etc and what you believe about yourself will be exactly indicated by the life and experiences and relationships you have at this exact moment. That is your set point.

Take heart for your set point can be changed. Most of us have a combination of great, good and not so great stuff in our lives…and without conscious attention it hovers in that area for the most part. Sometimes work will be bad and that seems to create a better times at home or visa versa. You might get a raise but find out you will have an added expense somewhere making your baseline experience not so different. You might get a great job and experience a health issue.

Life is a little more complex than that and sometimes a set point can be changed for the better or worse without conscious attention by circumstances over time but doing it consciously is more consistent and quicker…
That is why many successful people speak about positive association. If you hang with others who are upbeat and supportive over a period of time you will catch it…lol…of course the opposite is true as well. If you hang out with negative complaining people you can catch that too.

The best thing to do is to consciously and purposely raise your set point.
1) Cultivate habits of thinking good thoughts about others. Authentic good thoughts for you know when you are faking it…lol…It may mean that when the person who truly annoys you is in your vicinity you must focus on her beautiful necklace for that would be the only authentic positive thought you can have at that moment. It can be a fun game to consciously think a complementary thought about each and every person you see or meet or spend time with. It becomes a habit which alone will change your world.
When you meet someone and in your mind your are thinking beautiful thoughts about them, you become magnetic and pleasing to them and they are drawn to please you as well…interesting isn’t it?
2) Become conscious of any complaining you do about others, yourself, or circumstances and turn that around. Authentically change the thought to something positive or preferred. Make a conscious decision to only add uplifting comments (authentic ones) and statements of what is desired or preferred or dreamed instead of lack or problems. Seeing an empty glass becomes an opportunity to fill it with whatever you want. Slow service means you get to enjoy the company you are with just a little longer. Open your eyes to the gifts that are around you in every moment.
3) Cultivate the habit of fun and supportive self talk. Tell yourself all the things you want to hear, pretend and fantasize with the intention to feel good. If you do it right it is a blast and as you keep doing it before you know it the dream and fantasy become the reality.

4) Realize that you are no lessor or greater than any person before you, now or to come. That means you are as magnificent as the person you most admire…make it you…and then give it to others. It also means you can choose to separate yourself from your magnificence but that is only temporary and it is never too late to own your inheritance of everything you dream and desire.
I am loving me, loving you, loving life and there is more to come…always

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