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Belief and Desire

We have all heard the stories of women finding the strength to lift a car to save a child and other examples of having a desire so strong it temporarily overrides our belief in what is possible.
It makes logical sense that if one person can override their belief in a limitation and make some experience thought to be impossible possible then anyone can do that.
Anyone can override their limiting beliefs with a strong enough desire.  The problem is that most of us have allowed our desires to be squashed by well meaning people who thought they were keeping up safe and those that are living a fear based life (which is most of humanity).
The other problem is that what we think are our desires are actually what have been programmed into us by TV, radio, magazines, and the same fear based people around us.  My guess is you are probably out of touch with your true desires.
We have been brainwashed to believe by others brainwashed to believe that we should be realistic and safe and that our desires are frivolous, impossible and/or irresponsible.
Another problem is that we allow the day to day drama of life to get in the way of enjoying even the thought of our desires.  Really part of the of the drama in life is to help clarify our desires even if what is happening is not to our liking.  That helps us to know what it is we do want.
The solution to all these “problems” is to keep our desires authentic, visit them in our mind often with feelings of joy and anticipation, and to ignore data to the contrary even if it comes from within us.
Practical ways to do this are many and I always recommend doing what attracts you but here are some ideas:  Spending time with uplifting people, vision boards, guided meditations, meditation in general, writing out a day in your future life if money and obligations were not an issue or limitation, read that vision regularly, questioning all things including what you think your desires are, and really I could go on.
The single most important thing to do is to give yourself permission to ask for clarity and guidance and you will find all kinds of synchronous and magical experiences happening in your life that will lead you to the right people, the right circumstances, the right book to read, the right video to watch, etc…and it will flow so easily and soon your desire will become your life and new desires will be born so relax and enjoy the journey.
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