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Choice not effort



When you realize the world you experience comes from within you. In every moment you are creating the experience not just having an experience. In every moment you are doing the work of creating and yet it keeps going without effort. You are creating by habit what you experience and like walking you don’t notice any effort or really any choice. The reality is you just set your automatic pilot on and at any time you can reprogram the automatic pilot and have a different experience.
The easiest way to reprogram your automatic pilot is to make feeling good a priority. Instead of trying to figure it all out, your emotions let you know when you are on target to have your dreams fulfilled. When you feel good you are moving toward great things and when you feel badly, your thinking is in error. All you need to do is choose another thought.
You can only truly aid another when your dreams are fulfilled so it is the most altruistic thing you can do. Otherwise you are only perpetuating the idea that suffering is necessary and we are less than magnificent.

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