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create your own reality

Creating Reality

So, do we create our own reality?  The alternative is that life is random.  Some may say that you get dealt a hand and make the best of it with your choices.  Your place of birth, parents, economic status and the way you are raised are completely out of your control.  Your genetics and talents are also seemingly random.  How could it be that we create our own reality?

Yet, we see just about every possible outcome form every possible beginning.  We see those in poverty or raised in abuse become successful and well adjusted to those given every advantage that destroy themselves.  We see those that do all that is asked of them in responsibility lose everything and those that fly by the seat of their pants end up prosperous.  

It is absolutely true that one person cannot prove or disprove the concept that we create our own reality.  The choice to embrace that philosophy or not is completely up each individual.  My logical mind came to the conclusion that I would prefer to live in a world where everyone creates their own reality.    Since I can’t prove or disprove it, why not?  

It was a hard pill to swallow.  A more difficult pill to choke on was to live in an unfair world in a temporary life where I could never help enough people to make it fair, nor struggle enough to make a significant difference in my own life.  I did not see that there was a choice but to swallow the first and study that as if my life depended on it.

Swallowing that pill gave me peace, eliminated blame, eradicated complaining.  Embracing my own ability to create my own reality opened me to teenager like excitement and joy while having more insight and wisdom about how I wanted to live my life.  My priorities became clear and were easy to honor.

I learned how to be in the moment and watched time expand.  Realizing that we really did only have the moment and staying in it stopped worry and stress.  Knowing that each and every one of us in human form can only do one thing, in one place and at one time allowed me to truly give that task my attention.  If I was with a person then they had my full attention as well.  Stress became a thing of the past.  Time stretched out magically as well.

Knowing that every person is doing their best in every moment given what they choose to believe about life also eradicated blame and guilt.  I knew that I, too, was doing the best I could given my beliefs in the past about situations that I went through.   It didn’t mean I didn’t learn or grow from the experience, for I learned so much more looking at life with the belief that I am creating it.  I was mostly creating by default in the past but still creating it.

I think of the analogy of someone learning to use a computer.  When they enter a certain code they get hit on the head.  Until they understand they are programming the assault they can never stop it and enter the code they actually want to experience.  It is like that when we don’t accept responsibility without blame, of ourselves or others.  Most find this part of the pill the most difficult to swallow.

Where does justice come in to play.  If I created some abuse scenario by default in the past, shouldn’t the abuser pay a price.   Given my absolute knowledge in my ability to create my own reality, I have no desire to even consider justice for past events.  I find it much more powerful to create my life now than to give the past that kind of attention.  The universe is completely and utterly consistent and fair so I don’t have to deal with any of that.  

Some would say well then murderers and rapists will be free to roam amongst us if that were the case.  I would venture to say they already are anyway.  In fact if you put every single person who ever committed a crime in jail away from the general population, those that would create victim situations would find a way to create it.  Maybe not by a person but by a circumstance or accident. 

I would much rather teach people to master their mind and create better circumstances.  Use negative events as clarity to where you have areas that need to be mastered.  Develop the habit of looking for the best possible scenario.  You will find it becoming true in your life.  Honor your negative emotions as insight into your beliefs that don’t serve you.  Negative emotions are mostly that anyway.

My dominant intention when I started this journey was merely to feel better.  I had no idea my world would change around me.  I had no idea my body would change and support me.  I had no idea people would change in response to me in radical ways.  I had no idea circumstances would improve.  I had no idea time would expand.  The proof for me was in the actual living of it and seeing it become in my life.

The best part of it, though, is that I feel way better!  No stress, incredible peace, wonderful people and experiences are my daily experience.  I have the joy of profound love and appreciation for life, the world, and the people in it.  There are no negative circumstances but rather if it appears that way then there is a great gift within it.  I still have layers to unfold and adventures to experience.

There is nothing you must do but change the habit of your thinking and the rest will unfold magically.  The only effective action is an inspired action and that will be the way you do life!

May you remember how magnificent, unlimited , spectacular and eternal you are.

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