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The Honeymoon Can Last

The honeymoon can last: in life and relationships. It’s the feeling of intense love flowing out of you and back to you. It’s the feeling of perfection in the moment. It’s a feeling of excited anticipation of the next perfect moment. It is also the excited anticipation of new experiences and discoveries.

In spite of making a plan that gets rained on, you dance in the rain or kiss in the rain and laugh at the perfection of the moment despite the flaw or perhaps because of the flaw.

You find beauty in the perfect imperfections and you feel appreciation for your own perfect imperfections. You look for and give attention to all the wonderful things and ignore completely those things that aren’t quite right or dismiss them as a fluke or unimportant.

You expect with the delighted anticipation new and wonderful experiences and welcome the changes that it brings.

That is how life was meant to be lived and I would venture to say based on what most people want, that I am fairly accurate. Everyone wants to love and be loved in an epic way.

When you stop to think about why we all want to love and be loved in an epic way most people are unaware of why that is desired and why it is so prevalent in our human being make up. The depth of that question is more than meets the eye and for another discussion. I think we can all agree that everyone wants love.

Why does it seem that the honeymoon phase of life and relationship seems to end? The one and only reason is that you forgot who you are in order to play the game of life. The honeymoon phase of life or relationships is perfectly designed to remind you of who you are and have you reconnect to your divine source. It is rather clever isn’t it?

Since your true self is unlimited, magnificent, all knowing, eternal and without the constraints of time and space you/we created the universe (probably infinite universes…lol). This time and space and stuff and experiences and flesh and blood illusion of a reality was designed in order for us to express our infinite and limitless potentials and to continue to expand that expression and connect and feel love and joy which is who we are.

I refer to it as the game of life for it is designed for the fun of it, the connection of it and the discovery of it. It was meant to be joyful, playful and pleasurable. It was meant to be a place where you would find infinite reasons to love, appreciate, flow passion, excitement and have your eureka moments.

Since we are, at our core, all knowing, limitless, beyond time and space we designed the game of life with all the constructs that you are experiencing now including the forgetting the all-knowing part. What fun would it be if you couldn’t discover the next moment? What fun would it be if you knew exactly what would happen in every moment?

We didn’t come into this blindly because we came with desire, passion, interest and unique perspective. We came with a sense of being drawn by what feels good and repelled by what feels bad. Even the amoeba does that. We came with the longing to be, do, and have more love, experience, and connection to who we truly are that includes connection with others who resonate with who we truly are in our unique way.

Why do you think there are so many religions? At the origin of each one is a master who found his or her way to reconnect to his divine source. Sort of the cheat code to the game in the way. Everyone of them found it within themselves. So we cleverly made the key to our unlocking the code of this life within ourselves so it can never be lost. It is usually the last place anybody looks however…lol

The game gets really interesting when each unique perspective can interpret and choose how to play, what to play and where to play. From your Eternal limitless perspective none of the choices are wrong. From that eternal limitless perspective all is perfectly balanced and every experience is the creation of the unique perspective of you. There is no assertion, no victimization and no experience that can’t be a platform for another more desired experience.

Every person reconnecting with their truth or divine source is appreciative of every moment before. Even if they have been wronged or had disasters they know they are the creator of the experience, if not on purpose then by default. Those so-called negative experiences are appreciated and fade into the past while the now moment, connected to the divine source, is so amazing it blows everything else away. We realize we wrote the script for the entire experience so there is no need to forgive anyone, not even ourselves.

Anyway, back to the honeymoon: what happens with life or relationship is that in your forgetting of your magnificent unlimited divine connection your perspective is distorted by what many call false gods or what I like to call insecurities and judgment. Instead of reconnecting with our unconditional divine source and loving ourselves unconditionally we seek that connection and love outside ourselves through things, experiences are other people.

Your natural state of abandoned and unconditional self love is colored by the people around you who have forgotten their own truth. You start to pick up judgments, insecurities and limited thinking even in utero. The limited perspective is not really a problem for every distortion of your magnificence is a platform for awesome moments of discovery and you have unlimited eternal moments in which to experience that.

In actuality, any experience that feels in anyway negative to you is an indication that you are not connected to your divine source. It truly is that simple and that is the huge clue to this game. If something or someone in life doesn’t feel good, you are simply not connected to your truth. The beauty is when you are not connected to your truth and in a situation that doesn’t feel good, the situation inherently has the capacity to lead you back to yourself. A beautiful and wonderful fail safe mechanism, isn’t it?

Most of our society is saturated with erroneous believes which are unconscious thoughts that have become a habit. And the unconscious habits of thoughts that don’t serve you create the evidence that makes it seem true. Until you wake up and realize you were the creator of these things you call truth. It is easy to prove that that is the case by thinking new thoughts and changing the habits of your thinking and watching your experiences changed to reflect the new truths.

How does this relate keeping the honeymoon of life or relationships alive, you may ask? Well the honeymoon is the state of love, excited anticipation for the next moment, looking at another and experiencing that other as the grandest version of who they are and being experienced by another as your grandest version of yourself, feeling connected, appreciating and being appreciated, looking for ways to express love, being happy for another’s happiness, finding the mundane aspects of life inconsequential and making the expression of love the highest priority.

Without the insecurities and judgments in your life, that is the way you wanted to live every moment in relationship to every thing. If you consciously awaken to your power and who you are then insecurities and judgments become less and less a part of your life. You easily recognize when one is getting in the way and work that out with or without the other person. In doing so the honeymoon not only continues but becomes more intense and more deeply experienced.

It can be this way in all aspects of life. Enjoy your honeymoon life, oh magnificent one.

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