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Desire is Life Giving





Desire and passion are life giving. What you desire and dream of experiencing is possible or you wouldn’t desire it. Some of us get confused in thinking what the media tells us to desire is our desire or what our friends and family or church tells us to desire is our desire but that is just a counterfeit desire. In fact some of us are so out of touch with who we are that we have lost our ability to have an authentic desire and that is when we fall apart. Either our life falls apart or our health falls apart or we live an empty shell of an existence.
The desire that is life giving is the one that makes you wake with excitement each morning filled with ideas and images. The desire that is yours feels good to think about and energizes you. The desire that is yours fills your world with currents of energy that improve every aspect of your life. The desire that is yours fits easily like a puzzle piece with the people you are destined to be connected to. The desire that is yours is unique and not like anyone else’s desire. The desire that is yours is fluid and changeable as you gather more experiences around it and mold it to better complement who you are and what you want to experience.
So many of us have been taught that our dreams are unattainable or that our dream is too big or wrong or whatever throws us off our path to true authentic living. The truth is that when you allow yourself to desire and dream with authenticity you will find the journey and the end result equally thrilling and without effort.
Play long and often in the depth of your soul connecting with your authentic dream for it is the only way to accomplish anything that serves all that exists as well as you…one and the same.

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