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Recognize and change your Script





The uncomfortable drama that we experience in our lives is a reflection of our expectations and beliefs. We give out the scripts to those we love, those that love us and every being we come into contact with.
What never ceases to amaze me is that we think by cajoling, being hurt, getting angry and seeking affirmation from all that will listen, we can remedy the situation. That never works for the situation exists solely because you have created it from within. That doesn’t mean you should beat up on yourself for that is the core problem. It means you should work on loving yourself unconditionally, loving others unconditionally and looking for the good in every situation.
It will take some doing for you are out of practice and have developed habits that are well entrenched but it is so well worth it. You may not even be willing to believe you would give the scripts out that you have been living but the only real way to change the pattern of your life is to accept your amazing magnificent ability to make your world what it is. In doing that you can make your world what you want it to be.
It will also help you to stop living other people’s scripts that feed into their drama. Once you don’t have the drama running within you, you will be immune to that as well. It may happen around you but you won’t be affected by it and when you aren’t affected by it, those that are involved must change or leave. It is without exception.
May you enjoy writing or visualizing new scripts for all the glorious beings in your life as you recognize their well played acting ability in your life thus far. Reawaken your true identity and fulfill your purpose to be authentically you and brilliantly happy.

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