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Did you Forget it is an Inside Job?

Within, and that is the key, within yourself is all that you need and want, just waiting for you to say yes.  Until you remember that, what you experience outside yourself will be less than what you truly want.  When you get that it is an inside job then everything you want, without exception, is available to you.
When you try to control your circumstances without knowing that your circumstances are a response to what is deep inside you, you are powerless to change anything.  You may change the place, change the people, change the money, change your look but the experience will be in essence the same.
We have been taught that you can’t have everything and to be okay with that.  This idea is a distortion of the truth and that is why deep down you could never be okay with that.  The truth is that you were meant to have everything you desire easily but you first have to remember it is within you that it starts.  That means that you have to remember your truth of magnificence and authentic creative power.  In doing that you appreciate what is in your now experience so fully you feel amazing and perfect and the thought of more or different or change or new experiences fills you with delight and excited anticipation.
If there is something in your now that you don’t exactly want or enjoy, you recognize it for the gift of clarity and desire it serves to give you.  In the experience of this not so wanted thing you find the clarity of what you do want so much more powerfully.  Your inside job is done…and all you have to do is focus on the excited anticipation of what you do want coming soon.  You have plenty of things to be thankful for right now that you don’t have to dwell on the few things that aren’t right anyway.  If you continue to focus on what is awesome, beautiful, comforting, fun and amazing in your now moment then the other stuff goes away.  Without your attention to it, it can’t exist in your life experience.  It was there for clarity if you needed it but now all you have to do is turn your attention to all the other things in your life that are wonderful.  When that not so wanted circumstance gets your attention then turn your thoughts to what is wanted and play with the lovely thought of it happening.  It will feel good so it isn’t work or a chore or difficult.  If you find that you can’t find the thoughts you want then turn your attention to other things that give you joy or peace or laughter.
You have been doing it backwards for most of your life.  If there is a problem then you been paying attention to it and wallowing in it, feeling like this should have your attention and feeling guilty for ignoring it.  Yet this is why the problem keeps existing in your life and my guess is you are watching the same problems all around you existing in other peoples lives.  Don’t you ever wonder why the problems continue and when one is resolved another pops up?  Or did you swallow the lie that this is how life is?
You are the most amazing gift the universe has and with the freedom and power to do whatever you desire, including ignore that freedom and power.  It doesn’t matter how you play it here, your spiritual self is living your greatest dream and awaiting your joining in…why not do it while your are still here in the physical?
It is possible to have it all and in having it all, ensure every other person has it all…and what that is will astound you beyond your greatest imaginings and yet feel like home and a natural consequence of your life circumstances…
Enjoy your moment, magnificent one.
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