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Worry can be Eradicated

The definition of worry is to “to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts” and that should tell you something. You are tormenting yourself.
You have been taught that worry can’t be helped, that it is part of life, that it may even be a sign of love or caring.  The truth is that it is none of those things.  It can be eradicated from your life completely.  It is not your natural state of being as no one would choose consciously to torment themselves.  It does not have anything to do with love or caring.  It may even be harmful to those you love and care about, including yourself.
It is scientifically proven that worry causes your immune system to be diminished by the imbalance of hormones and changes your neurochemistry in ways that lead to depression.
So what does someone do to stop the worry thoughts, to stop worrying and the discomfort that goes along with it?  Not to mention the negative influence it has on you and everyone around you, not to mention the fact that you are not enjoying your precious life moment while you engage in this type of thinking.
Well, since the brain does not process saying no or stop or don’t, you just can’t tell yourself not to worry.  What you can do is think about the situation in a different way or distract yourself completely with thoughts of another circumstance or in a pinch think or do something that entertains you and completely absorbs your attention.  You can focus on the act of breathing, repeat a phrase that feels good, meditate or do guided imagery, listen to comedy, dance, play a game…the list is truly endless.
When you are ready sometimes it is helpful to shine a light on the “fear” that has you worried and face it head on.  Usually you will find that even the worst case scenario can be handled and life will go on even. Though you would prefer not to handle it, you can.  When you realize that you could handle whatever it is the fear becomes less charged with negative emotion.  Then you can apply other techniques more effectively.
The best thing you could do to completely eradicate worry from your life is to remember your truth and remember it about every one else.  Remember that you are magnificent, powerful, creative and unlimited.  Remember that you are eternal and connected to a Divine source that is prepared to make your dreams come true when you allow it.  Remember that all is in perfect order and that we are all creating powerfully in every moment whether consciously or by default.  Remember that the best way for you to help anyone else and yourself is to remember who you truly are and who they truly are.
I like to think about how I will feel about this situation 10,000 years from now.  Makes you stop and think about how trivial any worry is when you are connected to that truth…eternal, unlimited and magnificent.
On the other side of the equation for someone who thinks there is only this and then we are done…well then your moments are precious and limited, so why waste it on worry when you can choose to think about something else and enjoy this moment even more.
Enjoy your creative moments as your true self and worry will be a thing of the past.
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