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Do What you Want, that is Integrity

Filling our mind with the distorted vision of the world that the media, well meaning yet fearful people and our own misinterpretation of events give us in error, we think we must guard and protect against something out there.  There is nothing out there that isn’t inside you.  If you would just pay attention to what you want and remember that you are free and unlimited and easily capable of all of it, you would gravitate toward amazing and uplifting behavior.The only (and they are actually few in number) people that do negative things are the ones that have forgotten their power and misinterpret events through the lens of some distorted view of life.  The vast majority of people even with a limited view do loving things the vast majority of time.   If you make it your priority to remember your own truth of magnificence and freedom, you will start to see the evidence of what is inside you in your experience.
If everyone acted with integrity and that means doing what they truly wanted and not what they are obligated to do, all aspects of life would improve.  When you act because you feel obligated out of fear or out of some misguided idea that someone else is powerless without you or because someone else or book said it is the “right” thing to do you are adding to the discord.  If you would remember to follow your passion and own your truth of magnificence and unlimited freedom then the world would be more amazing than it already is.  There would be more happiness and joy and actualized brilliance.  You would find yourself surrounded by people that inspire you and you them.  You would find yourself doing and not doing in balance and with fun and inspiration.  You would find a beautiful personal world.  That beautiful personal world will do more for the world at large than any “cause” or activity to stamp out some “injustice”  and the world would find more causes that affirm and uplift until there is no room left for anything else.
Remember what you give your attention to you make more powerful.  Give your attention wisely magnificent one.
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